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Drawing Room Rocks Bushwalk and Lookout

> 2 hours, Walks & Hikes, Scenic

The Drawing Room Rocks are located in the Barren Grounds Nature Reserve.

From the start point, the walk ascends from 250m to 600m above sea level along a track through forest and heathland then onto a plateau. Walk on for another 100m to come out at Drawing Room Rocks – nature’s Drawing Room, with tables and chairs made of rock.

The unique shapes of the Drawing Room Rocks are the result of the weathering of the Hawkesbury Sandstone. Weathering, in this case, was accomplished over a long time span by a number of different agents: wind, rain, cold, heat and chemicals in rainfall. The sandstone of the Drawing Room Rocks is horizontal strata, so the flat table tops consist of stone made up of a harder more resistant mineral layer which has remained when the softer surrounding rocks have eroded.

This walk has sections with a steep incline, featuring unfenced open cliff faces. After periods of rain it may also be slippery in areas. It is not recommended for young children.

Start/end point

Important: Old versions of Google Maps show the wrong location for this walk – if you are using Google Maps update your app for up to date information.

To find the start of the walk, at the northern end of Berry on the town side of the bridge, turn north-west into Woodhill Mountain Road. Continue for 6.8km to Woodhill where the road splits to Wattamolla Rd which continues to Kangaroo Valley.

Follow Brogers Creek Rd for 100m and take the road on the right which is signposted “Drawing Room Rocks”.

Car parking is very limited and turning around can be difficult. Please do not park in front of gates to private property.


4.5km return

Approximate time to walk

2.5 hours


Intermediate, if you’re of average fitness


No – not suitable for young children as the walk involves some large natural steps, and Drawing Room Rocks itself is a lookout with no fence.


No – The Drawing Room Rocks walk is part of Barren Grounds Nature Reserve which falls under National Parks management. Pets are not permitted in this area.

Walk information adapted from

Geomaps and Visit NSW

Please note

Please take care before taking this walk. This is a dangerous walk with a steep incline, featuring unfenced open cliff faces, and is not maintained or recommended by National Parks or Shoalhaven City Council.

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The Route

  1. Car park just off Brogers Creek Road
  2. Drawing Room Rocks

Approximate Time

2.5 hours return

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