Road Ride – The Block

> 2 hours, Cycling

This is a mainstay of the quality road riding around Berry with fantastic scenery and a good chance of spotting a lyre bird or wombat. Around 38 kms in distance with almost 900m of challenging climbs and some fast, fun descents.  Take care on the corners and enjoy. It can be ridden on a road or mountain bike and may take between 1.5 – 3 hrs.


37.9 km

Approximate Time

1.5 – 3 hours depending on ability

Suitable for

Experienced riders

Elevation gain

863 m

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Berry Mountain Cycles

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Road Ride – Agars Lane Roll

30mins – 1 Hour, Cycling, Scenic

The Agars Lane Roll is a gentle back road roll with minimal traffic and climbing for beginner to intermediate riders.

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The Route

  1. Depart North Street heading north along Woodhill Mountain Road.
  2. Continue along Woodhill Mountain Road and begin climb towards Wattamolla Road.
  3. Turn left at Wattamolla Road and descend into Wattamolla.
  4. Continue along Wattamolla Road.
  5. Continue along Wattamolla Road.
  6. Turn left onto Kangaroo Valley Road and descend down Kangaroo Valley Road taking care on sharp corners towards Berry.
  7. Continue descending down Kangaroo Valley Road taking care on sharp corners.
  8. Continue descending down Kangaroo Valley Road taking care on sharp corners.
  9. Continue to descend down Kangaroo Valley Road, road begins to flatten out.
  10. Continue along Kangaroo Valley Road.
  11. Turn left onto North Street.
  12. Destination reached.

Approximate Time

1.5 - 3 hours

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