Walkers Beach near Gerringong and Gerroa

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Another locals’ secret, this is a great beach for those who value isolation over convenience. At 350m and flanked by grassy green headlands, it has a quintessential South Coast look, and its size makes a good contrast to the huge expanse of Seven Mile Beach to the south.

Access is by a 600m walk along the northern boundary of the Gerringong Golf Course. This is a legal public access way to the beach. Follow these directions:

  • There is a small car parking area on Fern Street opposite Wingeewah Road.
  • To the left of the car park is a grass track leading between wooden posts onto the golf course, beside the 9th tee.
  • Take the track to the left of the sign saying ‘The golf course is private property. No dogs allowed on golf course.”
  • Follow the grass track downhill alongside the barbed wire boundary fence, past the 17th, 8th and 15th tees. Keep the water ponds to your right.
  • The track goes uphill again and along the right side of the 14th tee. From here follow the grass track downhill towards the northen end of the beach.
  • Once you’re at the edge of the golf course, you will see a small track through the long grass down onto the beach.

The walk is mostly grass underfoot and meanders downhill, then uphill, before going down onto the beach itself. It’s a good idea to pack light.

Golf course etiquette and safety

  • If golfers are at the tees, please stand and wait quiety until they are finished before continuing on the path.
  • When crossing the golf course keep to the fairways (normal grass) as much as possible. Avoid walking on the tees and greens (very short grass).
  • Watch out for flying golf balls.
  • Do not pick up any golf balls that you see on the ground.

Beach direction

Walkers Beach faces ESE






This beach is unpatrolled and may not be safe for swimming or water sports. View Surf Living Saving Australia safety information for swimming and surfing at this beach.

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