Helpful instructions on how to manage your account, what to do if your Chamber renewal payment fails, and how to purchase items from the Shop.

How to log into your member account

  • Log in here:
  • Your username to log in with will have been sent to you from the Berry website by email along with a link to generate a password, which would then have been emailed to you.
  • If you have forgotten or wish to reset your password, use the Lost Password link under the login fields
  • If you own multiple businesses, you still only have ONE user account to log in with. This enables you to be eligible for discounted membership rates for your second and third businesses.
  • If you have any difficulty logging in or any questions, please send us a message via the online contact form.

What to do if your Chamber renewal payment fails

If you receive an email notification with the subject ‘Automatic payment failed’, this is most likely because the credit/debit card used for your membership subscription fees has expired or has insufficient funds available.

  • Log into your account at with your username and password (reset your password here if you need to).
  • Go to My Account then My Membership Subscriptions or click on this link to take you straight there:
  • Click on the View button next to your ‘On Hold’ subscription (usually the top / most recent one listed)
  • On the page showing details of this subscription, scroll down to the Related Orders section and click the Pay button next to the most recent order with status ‘Pending payment’:

  • Complete the checkout with your new payment card
  • This will save this new payment card for your future renewal payments.

How to renew your Chamber membership

Once you have purchased your Chamber membership online, your membership subscription renews automatically every 12 months thereafter. You don’t need to do anything to renew the membership each year as the subscription fee will automatically be paid from the same payment card.

If you need to update the payment card used for your subscription fees, you can do this at any time by following the instructions below.

Please note – if you have received an email with the subject ‘Automatic payment failed’ – follow the instructions in the section above ‘What to do if your Chamber renewal payment fails’. The instructions below are for updating your payment card at other times.

  • Complete the details of your new payment card and click the Change Payment Method button.
  • This will save this new payment card for your future renewal payments.

How to edit your business listings

Option 1: Edit your listing yourself

  • Log in here:
  • Go to My Account then My Business Listings or click on this link to take you straight there:
  • Choose from the dropdown field which business listing you would like to edit.
  • Your listing is managed centrally and displayed on both and (except accommodation providers and tour providers which are only displayed on
  • If you have any difficulty updating your listing, you can pay $25 to have the Chamber or our web team update the listing for you – see Option 2 below.

Option 2: Purchase a listing update


How to buy an advertising product

  • Log in here:
  • Visit the Shop area:
  • View any products you are interested in.
  • Add products to your cart that you wish to buy. All products will require you to specify for which member business they are for. Some products can be booked and require you to specify when you would like to book them for before you can add them to your cart. Bookings costs more during the summer period (December-February). Once any booking requirements are specified you can add the product to your cart.
  • View your shopping cart and proceed to checkout to pay for your purchase using a credit or debit card:
  • If you have any questions about purchasing advertising products, please email [email protected]


How to buy advertising on the printed Berry Map & Visitors Guide (for tourism businesses only)

How to join the Berry Chamber

  • If you have an existing Chamber membership for another business, you can purchase additional membership subscriptions at a reduced rate for any additional businesses you own. To do this, please log in with your account at and go to to purchase a membership subscription for your second or third business.
  • If you do not have an existing Chamber membership for another business, you can purchase your first membership subscription here: This subscription will automatically renew every year, unless you cancel it yourself or request us to cancel it. Once you have your first membership, you can purchase additional memberships for other businesses at a reduced rate.
  • Learn more about joining the Chamber:

Got questions about joining the Chamber?

Send us a message via the online contact form.


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    If you are a Chamber member and do not have a login, or you are having difficulty logging in, please contact Hannah Jallard for assistance.

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