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InterMEDIATE Dispute Management

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Jean-Marcel Malliaté MDR

Masters in Dispute Resolution (Law faculty UTS)

Cert 11 Security Operations (Pending)

1st Aid Certificate 2021

Commercial & Private Investigator (NSW Police CAPI Lic: 411750343

Private Security & Investigator (Victorian Police: 1434 & 820B

Cert IV Investigation Government Agencies 2018-2019 (ICETS)

Cert IV in Leadership & Management 2016-2017 (LMA)

Cert 111, Workplace Investigation – Factual Reports

Nationally Accredited Mediator (Adv Panel, LEADR 1995 & Fellow of the Resolution Institute, 2017)

Registered Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner (FDRP, Federal Attorney Generals Dept R:1004074)

Competency requirement of the Grad Dip Family Dispute Resolution (FMC CHC80207)

Child Protection Multicultural Caseworker (NSW Dept of FaCS)

Certified Workplace Assessor & Trainer (ACWA)

Cert Conflict Management Coach (Resolution Institute)

Adv Dip, Applied Social Science (Australian College of Applied Psychology- (ACAP)

Assoc Dip Counselling & Communications (ACAP)


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Professional, Financial & Legal in Berry NSW

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