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Global Contact Bookstore celebrates milestone

03 Oct 2019

This year Patsy Griffiths celebrates celebrate 20 years as Custodian of Global Contact Bookstore in Berry. We asked Patsy for her insight into the success of the business during these 20 years and what it means to her to be celebrating this milestone.

“Being the custodian of Global Contact Bookstore for the past 20 years is purely by the grace of Berry’s local community & the visitors to our spirited village.

Is it the result of miracles or magick that this store has survived the continuous change of the retail climate, while many small businesses have now closed? Perhaps it is a natural progression of the ‘oodgy- boodge’, (affectionately termed at the beginning of this global journey). Or perhaps it is the acceptance of the metaphysical within the mainstream? Many answers arise as well as many more questions.

The main thread that I see happening within the store and at our events is a LOve of observing and then serving. We are more than we THINK. Whether it’s the simple tasks of cleaning the store, the complex understandings of various questions asked to us from day-to-day, or everything in-between – all is relative in the mystical exploration. “Know thyself” is what happens and is encouraged behind this little window paned shop within our heritage building made of wood.

In truth, the exploration by Sages, Shamans, Mystics, Witches, Muslims, Christians, Buddhists, Guru’s, Self Help: mind, body & spirited Authors and contemporary teachers that visit for our co-created events and talks, I now see today as an integral part of our life.

New Age has moved into the mainstream. From the rise of mindfulness (known for centuries), to the use of crystals in our homes & offices for their energetic benefits. Alternate health is slowly being normalised as a health practice & for some a priority. All & all I see the sophisticated thinker, the deep thinker, sometimes called the over-thinker, wanting to explore & make sense of their existence to a deeper awareness of liberation & sovereignty. Not forgetting those who simply want to come in for a HUG from affectionately known as Global Contact girls.

Many quotes, marketing terms & affirmations make up questions & reactions like:

“Follow your path!!!!” – Well there is so many paths which do I choose?
“Listen to your heart!!!!” – Isn’t that an organ in the body?
“Trust your intuition!” – What the hell does that mean?
“Choose Love!!!” – Tried that and look where it has got me!

We humans are colourful – a type of artistry of the ultimate artist. These colours are interweaving like the contrast of opposites wanting to harmonise and live in peace, the shadows of change trusting that safety will greet at the end, the brightness of a new adventure, the lightness of Being instead of doing, the lines (sometimes blurred) of day-to-day grinds along with the darkened times of despair, grief, shock or trauma. All shades & variants are important to the ultimate work of Art. Choosing to remain the same because of the confusion over so many choices, or the constant enquiry into many paths to guide a new way of Being is truly the brilliance of imaginings.

This ‘spiritual’ store would not have endured the many trials, tribulations, change, expansions and its own continuous longing to grow, without the commitment of staff and owners, past and present.

In turn, the business continues to grow Me, an evolvement through faith like trust, clarity, discernment, surrender, care, kindness, vulnerability and the continuous humility of mistake making.

The store has a pulse of its own, call it a ‘vibe’ or ‘energy’ or ‘portal’. I liken it to the Tardis from Dr Who – once you’ve entered you never know where you’ll be transported! Our intention is to direct you to meet your own brilliance and fulfil your own deep longing and to ‘only choose what you LOve’.

The business continues to grow Me, an evolvement through a faith like trust, clarity, discernment, surrender, care, kindness, vulnerability & the continuous humility of mistake making.

A sacred witnessing takes place in our store, with many customers sharing their world which has either upturned (and at times in complete collapse) or sharing their journeys in love, joy, births and celebrations. It is an intimate privilege for myself and the staff to be a part of this and ultimately I think it is the secret heart of this store.

‘This is my favourite shop in Berry’ is said often. Well, I’m biased but I agree whole-heartedly.”

Congratulations Patsy on achieving this milestone.


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